Colección "Wilson Packing Co`s Cooked Meats"

 Don Quixote and the Flock of sheep
 "Come hither," said he, "my friend, thou faithful companion."
 "Come and see how many of my teeth are deficient."
 The innkeeper´s daugther arranges Don Quixote´s helmet.
 "Don Quixote was not so much amazed at his enchantment as at the manner of it."
 "By the sun that shines, I have a good mind to run thee through the body with my lance."
 Don Quixote testing the strength of his helmet.
 Don Quixote dubbed by the inn-Keeper.
 "The sail hurled away both knight and horse along with it."
 "He tried once more to get gret on his feet."
 Don Quixote invokes the memory of Dulcinea del Toboso.
 Don Quixote after the adventure of the Windmill.
 "With my stirring, down came the stakes, and down came I flat."
 Do Quixote and the wine skins.
 Sancho Panza tossed in a blanket.
 Don Quixote sees Sancho Panza tossed in a blanket.