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Albacete Campus

Albacete Campus map

The Albacete campus can be described as a vast area covering public places and green zones, closely tied to the city’s urban development and its consolidation in trade and industry.

At the Albacete campus, all matters referring to university research and technology-transfer projects are coordinated. The Albacete campus is structured into three parts. The original head is organized around the campus square, consisting of the first cluster of buildings constructed: the Law, and Economics and Business Faculties (Macanaz Building), the Teachers’ School (Simón Abril Building) and the Government Pavilion (José Prat Building). The second is made up by the Institute for Regional Development, the Polytechnic School, the School of Agricultural Engineering and the Benjamín Palencia Multi-purpose Lecture Hall. And last but not least, the University Residence, Botanical Garden, Institute for Computer Science Research, linked to Castilla – La Mancha’s Scientific and Technological Park, and sports facilities. Next to them, lies the biosanitary campus where at present the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Medicine building stands, connected to the Hospital’s plot by means of a spectacular walkway, the Animal Research Facility and the Regional Center for Biomedical Research (CRIB).

The campus’s facilities are completed by the experimental estate and practice field located on the highway from Las Peñas to San Pedro, whose main building has been renovated in order to house different laboratories and research groups. The Albacete campus had nearly 6,500 students in 2015.