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About UCLM

6. History

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The University of Castilla-La Mancha was created by law on June 30th, 1982 through the union of different university centres into a single institution. The UCLM began its first academic year in 1985. Its introduction represented the Autonomous Community’s calling to provide its own university system, at the service of over two million citizens residing in the 79,000 square kilometers of its territory.

The first universities in the region can be traced back to Toledo (1485) –although the historic “School of Translators” dates back to 1172- later on Siguenza (1489), and finally Almagro (1550). However, the political measures adopted with the liberal revolution left the region without any university centres for over a century until Toledo University College was opened in 1969.

The UCLM is also an open gateway to educational quality, the promotion of research culture, the design of future policies; in other words, the University’s acquired commitment to the society of Castilla-La Mancha.

Nowadays, UCLM has endowed all of its campuses with great autonomy managed by the Campus Vice-Rectorates. Its headquarters, the Rectorate, is located in Ciudad Real and interrelates with the other campuses by means of a fiber optic network that enables multi-videoconferencing and a series of internal voice and data communications in real time.

The University of Castilla–La Mancha is ready to face the challenges in the road ahead. We open up to this future with the serenity, intelligence and optimism bestowed by the challenges overcome in the two decades of complete devotion to the region’s progress, well beyond the mere role of generating and getting across science and culture.