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NEMATIC (NEMatode-Arabidopsis Transcriptomic Interaction Compendium) is a quick, visual, user-friendly and easy handling spreadsheet tool that combines existing transcriptomic data for the interaction between Arabidopsis and plant-endoparasitic nematodes with data from different transcriptomic analysis regarding hormone and cell cycle regulation, development, different plant tissues, cell types and various biotic stresses.

Download the latest version of NEMATIC from this LINK


  • Comparison of expression data among different plant-nematode interactions in Arabidopsis.
  • Cross comparison of a transcriptional dataset from a particular biological system, to that of the plant-nematode interactions in Arabidopsis.
  • Detailed information of the transcriptional profiles during development, cell types, anatomy and biotic interactions from Genevestigator for each gene differentially expressed in plant-nematode interactions.
  • Quick access to other public databases for functional information, interaction networks, cross-species homology, co-expression analysis, mutants available etc...
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