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The Applied Coordination Chemistry Group carries out its research at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. The group is led by Professors Blanca Manzano and Félix Jalón. The group was founded in the nineties and since then several aspects of the application of transition metal complexes have been developed in our laboratories. Around a dozen PhD students have been trained in our group and many other undergraduate and postgraduate students have enjoyed short research stays with us.  Our research concerns different fields of interest and covers a wide range of objectives centered on the Supramolecular Chemistry of transition metal complexes, the biological activity of ruthenium and platinum complexes and homogeneous catalysis.  More specifically, the current objectives of our work include the preparation of MOF derivatives for gas storage, the use of metallo-complexes to obtain hydrogen from water, the design of metallo-drugs with specific cell antiproliferative activity and the preparation and application of transition metal complexes for the homogeneous hydrogenation and isotopic labelling of organic substrates.

If you would like more details of our research activities and challenges please visit the publications and projects sections and also the section that covers research areas. For profiles of the members of our group please visit the Group members section. To know our available research facilities visit section facilities.

Our research centre is located at the campus of Ciudad Real [Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Technologies and the Regional Institute of Scientific and Technical Research (IRICA) in Camilo José Cela Street]. To visit our laboratories we are at 10 minutes from the Ciudad Real train station.

The main group activities are carried out in the Departmental Area of Inorganic Chemistry on the first floor of the San Alberto Magno Building.


Prof. Blanca R. Manzano
Email: Blanca.Manzano@uclm.es

Prof. Félix A. Jalón
Email: Felix.Jalon@uclm.es