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Program of English Teaching Assistant in the University of Castilla-La Mancha

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  1. The English Teaching Assistant candidate must come from a university in Canada, the United States, Australia, or New Zealand that has an Exchange Agreement with the UCLM.
  2. The English Teaching Assistant will be chosen by his/her university, which will then communicate its selection to the Vice-Chancelor for International Relations of UCLM.

Description of Duties of English Teaching Assistant

The English Teaching Assistant will have a weekly work commitment of 12 hours. Each English Teaching Assistant will be assigned a *faculty advisor that will be in charge of helping the English Teaching Assistant organize his/her classes and of offering any teaching advice. The weekly work schedule can be divided in the following manner, depending on the individual needs of each campus:

  • 10 hours of conversation classes to students, professors and administrative staff of UCLM through the program called “Learn English on Campus”.
  • And 2 hours of English instruction or conversation classes with students from the university residence in which the Lecturer will be housed. In exchange for these teaching duties, room and board will be provided for free. The Lecturer should inform both the residence director and the ORI of teaching hours, location, and type of classes organized.


Native English students, graduated or last year students of these degrees:

  • English or Spanish Studies
  • Education or Teacher Training (Foreign language acquisition). Priority will be given to candidates with experience in training foreign languages.

Information about the Program

The main aim of the Program “Learn English on Campus” is teaching English to professors, administrative staff and students of UCLM from a communicative approach. Grammar aspects will only be integrated in the lessons depending on the communicative activities scheduled (role plays, debates…) and the practice of the four dexterities of language: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The English Teaching Assistant will be given a practical teaching method to be used as support for his/her classes, as well as the required material for the practice of the communicative dexterities of language. Regular meetings with the coordinators of the Program will take place, to ensure the follow-up throughout the year.

* faculty advisor in Campus Toledo: Mar Ramón Torrijos - Mariamar.Ramon@uclm.es


  • The English Teaching Assistant will have the possibility to enrol in some of the courses offered at the local university campus (Max. 36 UCLM Credits). Registration for these classes will be free. There is no doubt that the English Teaching Assistant’s teaching and work responsibilities will have priority over any class/student obligations.
  • The English Teaching Assistant will receive a monthly payment of 400€ (tax deductions not included).
  • The English Teaching Assistant will have access to the various resources (internet, photocopier, etc.) offered by the university residence and UCLM university for the preparation of English classes.
  • The English Teaching Assistant will will be provided with room and board free of charge at a hall of residence run by the Regional Government.
  • The English Teaching Assistant will be covered with a health insurance provided by SANITAS during the stay.
  • During certain vacation periods (Christmas holidays, Easter week, etc.), some hall of residences will probably be closed. In such cases, the university will provide the English Teaching Assistant with temporary housing in another university residence.
  • The English Teaching Assistant will receive 1000€ for travel expenses (payment at the English Teaching Assistant ´s arrival after showing original tickets).