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Educational background

  • 1977. Primary education. School Panamá (Madrid).

  • 1981. Secondary education. Institute Carlos III (Madrid)

  • 1987. B.S. in Chemistry (Chemical Engineering). Complutense University of Madrid.   Diploma of Honour.

  • 1991. Master in Computer Sciences. Pontifical University of Salamanca.

  • 1991. Ph. D. in Chemistry (Chemical Engineering). Complutense University of Madrid.  Diploma of Honour.

Professional background

  • Joined the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) in 1990 as Assistant Professor.
  • Professor of Chemical Engineering since April 2003.
  • Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering since March 2004 until 2012.

Teaching interests

  • Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering.
  • Steady State and Dynamic Simulation of Chemical Processes.
  • Mass Transfer.

Research interests

In the last ten years, research activities has been focused on different subjects related to the synthesis of carbon and carbon-nitrogen nanofibers, nanospheres and graphene; conventional catalysis (SCR of NOx, Fischer-Tropsch process, catalytic reforming of alcohols, and both hydrogenation of toxic chemicals and by-products of chemicals manufacture and partial oxidation of glycerol to yield fine chemicals); the application of the electrochemical promotion of catalysis (complete oxidation of methane and other light hydrocarbons at low temperatures and steam methane reforming) and electrocatalysis (reforming of ethanol-water solutions for pure H2 production); the study of the mass transfer operations adsorption and ion exchange; the modelling and simulation of chemical processes; the characterization of thermal fluids, the microencapsulation of catalysts and phase change materials (PCMs) and their integration into building structures; and the manufacture of aerogels used in the thermal isolation of buildings..

Relevant research results

  • Research Thesis (Completed): 13.
  • Research Thesis (On-Going): 4.
  • Author of 214 Research Papers.
  • Chapters in Books with ISBN: 62.
  • Contributions to Meetings: 215.
  • Principal Investigator in Funded Research Projects: 51.
  • Investigator in Funded Research Projects: 19.
  • h-index: 26.

Stays abroad

  • Department of Chemical Engineering. University of Leeds. Leeds (Great Britain). June-September 2000.

  • Faculty of Chemistry. University of the State of Mexico, Toluca (México). August 2003.

  • Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. University of Kentucky (U.S.A.). June-September 2004.

  • IRCELYON. Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1-CNRS. Lyon (France).July 2010. Invited professor.

  • IRCELYON. Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1-CNRS. Lyon (France).July 2011.


  1. Master award (Chemistry, ChEng Speciality). University Complutense of Madrid. Academic year 1986-87.

  2. Doctorate award (Chemistry, ChEng Speciality). University Complutense of Madrid. Academic year 1990-91.

  3. II Unión Fenosa Research Award to the research team of the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCLM working on catalysis. January 1993.

  4. I Iberdrola Award for Young Researchers. 1998.

  5. 2002 Spanish Network of University-Enterprise Award to the Department of Chemical at UCLM.

  6. Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha Recognition to the Excellence of the Academic and Research Activities of the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCLM. 2004.

  7. “Juanelo Turriano” Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha Award to the Technological Innovation. 2009.

Member of scientific committees in congresses

  • First Internacional Conference on the Origin of Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis. CPERI-CERTH. Thessaloniki, Grecia. Marie Curie Actions. October 2007.

  • Second international conference on the Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis and its APplications. Oleron Islandn (France). October2008.

  • Third International Training School on the Electrochemical Promotion Of Catalysis. Lyon (France). May 2009.

Member of organizing committees in congresses

  • 2nd Training Course. Basics and Applications of Catalysis (Heterogeneous and Homogeneous) (BACHH). Marie Curie Action EFEPOC. Ciudad Real.(Spain) May 2008.

  • President of the organizing commitee of the Spanish Society of Catalysis Meeting (SECAT ’09). Ciudad Real (Spain), June 29 – July 1 , 2009.

Scientific Adviser:

  • Alquimia Soluciones Ambientales, Inc. Since 2005 until 2014..

  • National Centre for the Experimentation in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies. Puertollano (Spain). I was proposed by the Ministry of Science of Science and Innovation of Spain. Since 2008.

  • Graphenano Nanotechnologies. Since 2011.

Member of Scientific Societies

  • Member of the Spanish Society of Catalysis. Since June 1995.

  • Member of the Spanish Society of Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Since November 1996.

  • Member of the Clay Minerals Society (U.S.A). Since February 2000.

  • Member of the American Chemical Society (U.S.A.). Since November 2000.

  • Member of the Association of Chemical Engineers of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). Since September 2001.

  • Member a of the Spanish Zeolites Group. Since June 2003. Secretary from 2003 to 2011.

  • Member of the Spanish Platform for the Conventional and Nuclear Hydrogen Production. Since October 2005.

Reviewer of research projects

for the Dutch, Argentinean, Belgian and Spanish Governments.

Reviewer of papers submitted to   

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental , Journal of Catalysis, Chemical Engineering Science,  Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research,   Applied Catalysis A: General,  ISA Transactions, Applied Clay Science, Environmental Science and Technology, Catalysis Today, Clays and Clay Minerals, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Polymer International, Energy and Fuels, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A, Chemical Papers, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, Catalysis Communications, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Chemical Engineering Progress, Chemical Engineering Journal, Materials Research Bulletin, ChemSusChem, Langmuir, Carbon, Electrochemistry Communications, ChemCatChem, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, Coloration Technology, Journal of Hazardous Material, Journal of Environmental Science & Technology,  Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Environmental Technology, Chinese Journal of Chemistry.


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