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Analytical: BET devices for surface and adsorption analysis (from -195 ºC to 150 ºC) at atmospheric and high pressure (up to 10 atm) pressure and, TGA-MS, TPD-TPR, SEM, FT-IR, Picnometer, Thermal and Electrical Conductivity, Gas chromatography (GC) and MicroGC for the analysis of permanent gases and paraffin from C1 to C60, Liquid chromatography, etc.

Lab and pilot plant devices: lab and pilot plant fixed bed reactors able to work up to 10 atm, lab reactors for electrochemical experiments, pilot plant device for manufacturing up to 100 of carbon and carbon-nitrogen nanostructures (nanofibers, nanotubes, nanosphere and graphene sheets), pilot plant for performing water-gas shift and membrane separation of hydrogen produced in the reaction able to operate up to 30 atm and 500 ºC, lab and pilot plant for the manufacturing of microcapsules containing phase change materials, pilot plant for studying the stability performance of heat transfer fluids, and pilot plant for TGA experiments.




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