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Web del profesor: Manuel Andrés Rodrigo Rodrigo


Hot topics in the lab

Development of electrochemical processes for a cleaner environment

  • Removal of persistent pollutants from water

  • Bioelectrochemical soil remediation

  • Combination of conductive-diamond electrolyses with sono- and photo- technologies

  • Coupling green energies to electrochemical remediation processes

  • Hydrogen as an energy vector for electrochemical processes. Valorization of hydrogen produced in electrochemical processes.


Electrosynthesis of oxidants

  • Production of persoxocarbonates

  • Production of disinfectants

  • Direct disinfection of waters


Fuel cell technology

  • Electrocatalyst for PEM fuel cell

  • CFD simulation of PEM fuel cell and performance enhancement through current density distribution measurements

  • Bioelectrocatalysis of microbial fuel cells





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