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Development of electrochemical processes for a cleaner environment


  • Electrocoagulation of industrial wastes consisting of emulsions (cutting fluids…)

  • Electrocoagulation of industrial wastes consisting of suspensions (food industry,..)

  • Electrocoagulation of industrial wastes polluted with dyes.

  • Removal of Arsenic by Electrocoagulation

  • Removal of Phosphates by Electrocoagulation

  • Conductive-diamond electrolysis of industrial wastes (for refractory pollutants within a range 2,000-20,000 ppm COD)

  • Electrokinetic flushing of soils polluted with hydrocarbons

  • Disinfection of wastewaters for reuse


Electrosynthesis of oxidants with Conductive-Diamond Electrolyses.


  • Production of peroxophosphates

  • Production of peroxosulfates

  • Production of perobromates

  • Production of Ferrates

  • Production in-situ of disinfectants


Fuel cell technology


  • Synthesis of PBI membranes

  • Manufacture of Catalyst for PEMFC                                  

  • Manufacture of Membrane – Electrode Assemblies for HTPEMFC

  • Testing of different fuels (hydrogen, methanol, carboxylic acids, etc.)

  • Physical, chemical and electrochemical characterization of PEMFC

  • Measurement of current distribution

  • Simulation of PEM fuel cells


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