Geogebra-R: Linking Geogebra and R for Dynamic Statistics


Here we show how to call the R software for statistical computing from Geogebra using the Rserve R package. Rserve will make R to behave as a server so that it can be called from Geogebra. In this way, we expect to use many R functions not available in Geogebra.

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More rencetly, we have developed another link using R package opencpu. This will work with current releases of Geogebra as it is based on a completely different approach. Some examples have been developed in the GeogebraR package and they can be found here:
Note that these examples will run on the browser and that no other software (not even R!) needs to be installed.


After version 4.9.247, the Python Window was removed from Geogebra. For this reason, we provide links to the Geogebra 4.9.247 binaries below, with the latest version that includes the Python Window.

You will need to install the following software:

In addition, the following files are required: Examples

The following files provide some small examples. The steps to run the examples are:

  1. Start R
  2. Start R serve, using one of the two methods shown below.
    1. Write the following commands in the R console:
    2. Alternatively, you can run the R file provided with each example. These scripts will install Rserve and the R packages used in the examples if necessary.
  3. Start Geogebra
  4. Open the Python Window in Geogebra
  5. Open any of the Python files provided below with the examples
  6. Run the Python script (see list of examples below).

We have created different examples: